An Act of Selfishness

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Its 1:17 AM and I can hear the buzz of my Air-Conditioner trying to save me from the heat of my very own Singara Chennai. My mind racing from one topic to next, thinking and re-thinking as to with what and how I fill the next few lines. "What have we brought in to this world and What are we going to take away from it!", says Bhagavat Gita and given that its pretty much a valid statement, I can't help but wonder - "What's this big Rat race for??" We all (Me included) are tuned to the thought process that we ought to be the best and get the best - The best of education, the best job, the best chick, the best salary and maybe the best death possible!! And most of our entire life is dedicated chasing the BEST!! If we take a pause, think and let the other rats go ahead, we might realize this big FACT - BEST is the matter of the mind, the more we chase it, the more it runs away from us. And for all practical purposes this is a race tending towards infinity. The sad truth, albeit the small pause which we take and the wonderful wisdom which we get, is that We DON'T WANT TO QUIT THIS RACE :) and pondering the question of as to "Why can't we quit this race?" I stumble upon another question "Do I/We live My/Our LIFE on My/our terms?" The answer to this question is a simple No!! Inspite of all the claims of being "The so-called REBEL" all our life is lived in consideration of something or someone. In short this Human virtue of being selfish is greyed by an epitomisation of selflessness. What can beat this "Living your life in pursuit of Something/someone" as the biggest selfless act?? And yet we call ourselves selfish :) Maybe the biggest bliss of our life lies in being Selfish... Worrying only about thyself and considering nothing else... Maybe then we might take that Pause... Maybe then we might realize the fact "We have got nothing into this world and take nothing away from it.... other than US!!"



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Sometimes in our life, we come across people. People who we think are so refreshingly different from others. People whom we feel are so like us, creating a bond and bringing us closer to them. These are the people, whose innocence we enjoy. And also enjoy their helplessness and the reaction on their faces, when we pull their legs for fun; and yet at the same time go all guns defending them when someone else tries to have fun at their expense. These are people whose success we are genuinely interested in. We criticise them when they go wrong, for the only reason that they get better and become the best. At the same time we are ones to give those encouraging words when their batteries are low and push them. There are very few people whom we come across. Wonderful people, in whose life we want to make an impact, an impact which makes this little stay one of the most memorable moments of their life. These people whom we don't mind, going out of our way to do something for them. These are people whose words in anger, whose acts which unknowingly hurts us are always forgotten, for these are people who we believe makes our stay an amazing experience. For these are people whose company we relish and these are the people who we genuinely believe think of our well-being in their hearts. For it is with these people, things go unsaid, where compliments are said not by the movement of lips, but by the curve of the lips and movement of eyes. There are very few people we come across in our lives, who just cannot lie to us convincingly not because they don't know to lie, but because they don't want to lie to us. There are very few people who we come across in our lives, for whom we don't mind lending our shoulders irrespective of what position we are in. And these are people whom you want to stay with no matter what or who comes against them. There are few people against whom we can afford our slip of tongue. People who can know our mood swings and know that words said out in anger are not words from the heart but just words of the moment. There are few people against whom, we can afford to take so much liberty that we say something annoying the previous day, just to put hands over their shoulders in the morning and walk with a laughter cracking jokes. These are people with whom sorry's don't matter, for these are people who know that we are grossly incapable of let alone hurt them, but even dream about hurting them. There are few people whose little acts of kindness and care touch us in such a way that when we come to think about our time with them, we only have nothing but good memories. And these are people whom we want to have fond memories of whatever little time they spend with us. There are very few people with whom we can be ourselves, not because we don't know to sham, but because we know that with these people there is no need to sham. For with them being yourself is so refreshingly OK, in a world which steals us of our identity and makes us act in a way which is completely different from us. These are the people whom you don't have to see or talk to stay in touch, for they are always in our memories. These are the people who know that we are just a phone-call/e-mail away from them.

KP - The DevilzAdvocate

A Rant for a Rant

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One of my friends rant about Gandhi Jayanthi (Click here for the post) going unnoticed tickled my grey cells to write this post. The Question which came to my mind at the end of that post – Can I Afford to forget Gandhi Jayanthi or whatever Significant Date of national/International importance at the cost of something Personally significant?? The answer being Why NOT!! I really appreciate whatever the father of the nation has done to this country and I very well understand that the fruits of freedom, and the so called Fundamental Rights, which I am enjoying is attributed to the efforts of all those Freedom fighters over the past couple of centuries (Not Just Gandhi). At the same time I am aware of the fact that to have a stable future, to pay off my loans and to cater to the needs of the worldly compulsions, I need the so called VIT M. And one of the ways of earning that is by clearing those wonderful rounds of interviews and sealing the deal. Life is just about getting your priorities right, and I do not blame people if they have better things to do on D Day. It’s their life and it’s their choice. A person who cannot set his home right, who cannot be assured of the basic needs, cannot afford to think on lines of Self-Actualisation. The spirit of Freedom, our fathers and fore-fathers strived for, lies in the freedom of personal choice, in free country. And by exercising that spirit of My individual freedom, I paid my tribute to all those people who gave away their lives and soul fighting for it. I celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi not just on Oct 2, but all 365/366 days of year. My Case Rests…
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An Aimless post at an Odd hour

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The time shows 3:36 AM and after a very long time, I thought lets write a blog. Watched a movie (The forbidden Kingdom) and then played for sometime on my system and then suddenly realized that my Second Sem exams are about to start in just a week. Like a studious geek, I opened my group mail, copy pasting the time-table and the chapters from book of a few subjects in the sticky notes, a feature which I always think of using as a reminder to study, but till date have (un)successfully implemented. The future what is bound to happen you never know. But I decided that for the very immediate future, the studies can wait until the late noon.(Again a big uncertainty).
MBA - Masters in Business Administration, so far has been a decent journey and a great learning experience (Absolutely nothing on the academic front, say for the exception of Economics, which i relished studying, thanks mainly to Mr. Chetan Chitre).
My 1 year or so in Nasik has led to "Many firsts" in my life. For the first time i was (and still am) staying away from my home for such a long duration. My first experience with something called as hostel life (Which I am thoroughly relishing, thanks to my roomies, and the entire 4th floor of BH1). If someone ever asked me an year back about dancing on a dance floor, or having an occasional peg of vodka, I would have replied "Noooooooo Never ;)". Now I am equally comfortable doing both (if I say occasional, it is occasional and it is just vodka - nothing else, for ppl out there in chennai, nothing to get hyper about! ;) ). My love for nature has increased since my amazing trek to Brahmagiri (again my first real trek), the feel of wind, hitting on our faces and trying to offset our balance after a hard trek up, gives me an refreshing feel even at this hour.
The most interesting thing, for the first time in life, I have developed an interest in observing my fellow beings. And this has been the most wonderful (and sometimes dangerous :P) experience/learning till date of my MBA life(and i guess the dangers and adventures will continue for another year). Even the likes of Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin and Wilhelm Wundt would be bamboozled and pleased to observe such a wonderful and dynamic ecosystem and Me being just another me in this system is no exception.
I have had a plethora of emotions, (some very refreshing and some emotionally sapping) during this wonderful voyage of learning and I am listing down a handful of inferences.
The manner in which people handle the most complex of issues in the most simplest manner leaves me in awe.
  • How the simplest and silliest of things are blown into the most complicated disasters is a bigger conundrum, for which I doubt, I will be able to zero in on a major reason.
  • People know a lot and yet love to be ignorant, which reminds me of an adage "Ignorance is bliss". But is this ignorance good? I am still pondering.
  • Humans love being praised and hate being criticized. Even if we realize we are wrong, it is sad to see that we love defending our wrongs, just because it is OURS. We just hate genuine critics and brand them as jobless, good for nothing a**h****.
  • And equally so, Humans love being critical. It is just so damn hard for us to praise others, even if it was the most amazing achievement. We have this typical attitude of "Oh thats nothing, Even I could have done that".
  • And talking about criticism, Most/Majority of these are doled out at the back of a person. We generally lack the guts to say on the face "a wrong as a wrong", Humans have this wonderful potential of smiling and saying to a person "Wow that was nice" and go behind his/her back and say "That was nothing".
  • We are brilliant at pointing problems and hardly try to zero in on solution, because we feel that finding problem is our only job and there is always another creature lurking round the corner to give out solutions. Or maybe we think that God will dole out solutions as a freebie for having created us!
  • We love taking things and people for granted. No explanation needed on that front i believe.
  • We are incapable of taking "No" for answer. We always need "YES" and love to force others to say YES and amazingly manage to do that and that is because people don't want to step up and say NO as an answer. In short we hate to listen to and say a "NO".
  • We are so diplomatic, that we can kill someone smiling on his/her face and he/she would feel like we are Gods granting them a boon.
  • And here goes the last one which i can state safely followed by one free advice. ;)
  • If we are angry at someone and try blasting him/her out, thats the only time, we really speak our minds out about the particular person.

Free Advice : It is always wise to listen to an angry person, because thats the time, when he/she unknowingly speaks loads of truth (which is a summation of all the negative thoughts a person has in his/her mind about you) which would never come out.

I know a few people will read this and many will never accept it, saying what was written was a piece of bullshit, which after my list of inferences would be surprising only if "if this piece of essay was not termed bullshit ;)".
I would love to finish this post with a quote my friend and roomie (fortunately or unfortunately ;) ) Aniket here "I don't mind. You don't matter".
Till my next post, adieu.

KP - TheDevilzAdvocate

PS: If you think, that this article is based on you, then you may be absolutely right(PUN INTENDED)